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Whatever your home needs, we can meet your requirements. Free estimates and advice. At EH Electrical, we aim to guide, advise, and assist you with new installations, troubleshooting and repairs, maintenance services, energy-efficient solutions, and home safety inspections, ensuring that all electrical systems in your home are safe and functional.

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The safety & functionality of your home are at the heart of our service. EH Electrical technicians can help homeowners by installing new lighting, heating, and power systems, as well as home automation systems that meet your specific needs and budget.

Our team can provide ongoing maintenance services and offer energy-efficient solutions alongside home safety inspections to ensure that your electrical systems are up to date and meet the current safety standards. Enquire today about setting up your home entertainment systems (theatres, surround sound systems) and smart home automation systems (lighting, temperature, security control) - whatever your home needs, EH Electrical can meet your requirements.


We carry out a variety of new installation projects, such as installing electrical systems in new construction builds, upgrades for existing systems, and fitting energy-efficient lighting and control systems where necessary.

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From installing new light fixtures to upgrading existing systems, we understand the importance of proper lighting in creating both a comfortable and functional living space. That’s why EH Electrical offers many lighting services.

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Our skilful electricians can offer a variety of full and partial rewiring services for your commercial property, providing their expert assessment, design, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems.

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Solar Panels

Look after the environment and your pocket with a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to generate electricity for your home: solar panels. Reduce your energy bills with EH Electrical, as we offer a personalised solar panel installation service.

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EV Charging

EH Electrical are qualified to design and install your EV charging stations, and we offer ongoing maintenance and technical support.

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CCTV & Security

In today's world, security is of paramount importance.

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Electrical Testing

Whether you need your business property or residential property electrically tested we are able to assist.

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Fuse Board Replacement

Outdated or faulty fuse boards can be dangerous hazards that lead to power outages or other electrical issues in the home.

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Electrical Services

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