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Businesses that want to ensure that their employees, customers, and assets are fundamentally protected and well cared for may opt to install CCTV and security systems. These technologies help to provide visual surveillance, a sense of security, and peace of mind, and allow companies to operate with confidence.

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CCTV & Security

EH Electrical offers clients a wide range of CCTV and security measures, including design, installation, and maintenance, that can help give you peace of mind and enhance the overall security of your public or private properties.

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Customised CCTV solutions

For this reason, we are proud to say that our team can provide you with bespoke CCTV solutions, including the installation of cameras at key entry points, such as windows, front and back doors, garages, gardens, as well as other regions such as the parking area or storage room of your workplace. These cameras can be connected and integrated to allow remote viewing of live footage through a smartphone or computer.

Our company can also offer a range of additional security features, such as motion detection, night vision, and remote access, to heighten security measures and provide customers with a level of alertness and protection they are satisfied with.

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